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In-Studio / Zoom Classes

Zoom Classes

We are offering simultaneous In-Studio / Zoom Classes. This means that you are welcome to join any class on either the Zoom platform or In-Studio. Please be sure to register for Zoom classes on-line, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the Zoom number for your class.

In-Studio Social Distancing

Class sizes will be limited to 10 students during Phase 3, as of 3/22/21. We will be practicing 6’ social distancing at all times. It is essential that you register on-line prior to the class, as space is limited. We request that you avoid canceling within 48 hrs. of your class, as those on the wait list need time to rearrange their schedule to fill your space.


We request that you wash your hands and/or use the sanitization spray at the studio upon arrival. You will be asked to spray down any blocks that you used following your class.


We require that you wear a mask when arriving and leaving the studio. With mats placed a minimum of 6' apart, you may remove your mask once you have stepped onto your mat.


We will not be providing mats, you must bring your own. We will quarantine the blankets, however, if you have your own, please bring them with you, along with your own water bottle.

Props for Sale

Mats, a variety of lengths, $30-45
Blocks, $14/ea.
Straps, 6’ $10, 8’ $12
Eye Pillows, $10




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